Welding Solutions

The Welding Solutions Division of AHO provides a range of products and services for all types of welding solutions and services, through its most competent and professional team.

AHO has qualified and skilled welding teams which include:

  • Site Manager
  • Welding Engineers
  • Welding Inspectors
  • Welding and Grinding Technicians

With international standard for quality and safety. We offer consultancy services for Welding Procedures Specification (WPS) and Prequalification Records as well. Our Welding Teams are Certified by third party Inspection companies and are ready to meet any challenges in any position of welding.

AHO has currently offered extensive welding services in one of the largest Metro Project in the Kingdom with FAST Consortium who are responsible for the line no 4, 5 and 6 in Riyadh. Our experiences relates to welding of Steel Rebar cages of different lengths and designs up to 24 meters with 100% accuracy and efficiency. We are really appreciated and rewarded with our excellent services on time and commitment.

We have been providing similar services to Schlumberger, one of the leading Oil & Gas industry contractor.

AHO offers welding solutions products such as:

  • Welding & Cutting Machines
  • ARC (Inverter, Rectifier, and Engine Driven Welder), TIG, MIG/MAG, Welding Automated, Column & Boom and Orbital Welding System
  • Accessories and Consumables
  • Plasma, Oxyfuel, combined Plasma & Oxyfuel, Automated Cutting and Pipe Beveling Machines

Our solutions are aimed at customer needs, ensuring high performance and low costs.

Dammam HQ

Najd Street, Al Tubayshi

Phone +966 13 826 5555
Fax +966 13 826 3558

Riyadh Branch

Salahuddin Alayoubi Street

Phone +996 11 472 5775
Fax +966 11 478 0148

Jeddah Branch

Falasteen Street

Phone +966 12 670 2823
Fax +966 12 670 2823

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